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Easton SL14MKB Mako Senior League Baseball Bat

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Bat Main Features:


  • 10 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diamete
  • Lower M.O.I Means Faster Swing Speeds
  • Patented ConneXion Technology Reduces Vibration
  • TCT Thermo Composite for Massive Sweet Spot and Unmatched Bat Speed
  • Twelve Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Two-Piece Fully Composite Design
  • Ultra-Thin 29/32 Inch Handle with Performance Diamond Grip

2014 Easton MAKO: SL14MKB Senior League

2014 Easton MAKO: SL14MKB Senior League

The wait is finally over for the next big bat to hit the market! The new two-piece, composite Easton MAKO provides elite players with the edge they’ve been waiting for!  The MAKO concept is simple: swing the fastest bat, with the biggest barrel.

This allows youth baseball players to produce power unlike ever before!One of the secrets behind the MAKO’s success is Easton’s new TCT Thermo Composite Technology. It’s engineered to provide top-notch players two major benefits: unmatched bat speed and a massive sweet spot. There’s no doubt the MAKO’s made to enhance performance!

To provide baseball players with a world-class feel, Easton included their popular ConneXion technology and performance diamond grip.No energy is wasted and every hit feels as smooth as butter.

Easton: Engineered for Glory! The Easton MAKO features the new USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp and is also backed by a Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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